Month: December, 2015

18 Dec 2015

Provide Your Cat The Luxury It Deserves

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Your cat deserves luxury! Yes, that is right and you read right. Your cute furry cat deserves pampering, leisure time and super luxury. These cats have emotions and feelings just like human beings. They love their masters, their owners and they want the same love from their owners.
They too need proper cat beds, accessories and proper foods to stay and healthy. Buy the best accessories for your cat and keep it safe and comfortable.
While proper cat beds keep some factors in mind, like is it comfortable enough for your cat? Is the material organic? Is the material environmental friendly and pet friendly? And is the bed durable? Is the bed stylish enough?

Mostly, cats want your attention, and a simple loving attitude will fill it with joy. It will understand that you care for it as it loves you. So, how can you satiate your thirst of providing your cats with luxury? Well, there are many such way outs which will help you to attract its attention and make it understand that you love him or her. At the same time, you can provide it with the luxury it deserves.
Here are some ways to keep it in luxurious life style
Take it to a parlor- you can take your car to a cat parlor. It will receive proper washing and grooming there. It will look good as well as it will feel good.
Take it to gym – a healthy body and a healthy mind are the keys to lead a happy life. And your cat needs to be in its healthy body and in its healthy mind. To keep it physically fit and mentally active you need to take to a good cat gym. Take it to the gym and let it enjoy its time there.
Take it to a long drive with you – your cat will love a long drive with you. Keep one day or evening only for your cat and pamper it with your love and affection.
Arrange healthy foods for it – make sure your cat gets healthy foods. You should arrange for foods which are nutritious as well as tasty.
Arrange proper eating bowl for it – make sure your cat eat in a proper bowl. Find the best quality cat bowls and use it when it will dine.
Buy pillows and scratch boards- you can also buy pillows and scratch boards. These will help you to keep the cat in total comfort.

03 Dec 2015

Checklist Before Travelling With Your Pet

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Family vacations are great times to spend a relaxing and have fun outdoors. Especially, if your pet were a small pup or kitten, you and your kids wouldn’t be happy to leave it alone. Moreover, if there isn’t anyone to take care of it, you couldn’t cancel the trip as well. Why don’t you consider taking your pet along with you? Taking the adorable pup or kitten would be double fun that you already are excited about. Travelling with your pets without a doubt is not an easy thing to do?

There are certain things that you need to sort out before, leaving on an amazing trip. If you are planning to take your pets, you should plan it well ahead. Here’s a checklist for you to follow and make life easier. These points will help you organize a stress-free vacation and return back with many memories:

• Organizing an accommodation that allows bringing pets

The first step for you to plan is locating a pet friendly accommodation so, that you could take it along. You wouldn’t want to reach the hotel and have to turn back, because they wouldn’t allow. Contact the place and clarify all the details about bringing the pet along.

• Check up with the vet

Prior to the trip take your pet to the vet and get him checked thoroughly. They would recommend if he can or cannot go with you. Without fail take any medication that is prescribed or sprays for ticks and so on.

• Pack the following items of your pet:

Kennel and Bedding

– Towel and shampoo

– Collar and leash

– For emergency situations you need an animal first aid kits

– Litter box, plastic bags

– Food and water bowls and food e.g. canned food/ pet snacks

• Search about the laws and regulations of taking pets

There are certain laws in some states regarding bringing pets from another region. This could be due to reasons such as diseases and so on. Hence, along with searching for pet friendly accommodation, gather information about such regulations. For instance if you’re planning to go site seeing, check if they allow pets and how they should be brought.

• Identification photograph

In case you lose your pet in a park or a place that is crowded, you should carry along a recent picture of your pet. As a fact, you will be able to find you lost pet faster. Make sure to engrave contact information in its collar.

• Contact of a vet in the area you’re vacationing

Get hold of some contact details of a vet near the accommodation or the nearest veterinarian. You never know if you would need to take your pet for a visit due to a sickness or injury. So get these details when before leaving home.

With this checklist you will be able to organize everything smoothly without any hassle.