06 Sep 2016

How To Keep Your Dog Safe While You Are Holidaying?

Author: Jade Sutherland | Category: Pet Services | Tags:

Holidays are unavoidable and give you the chance to enjoy some happy days with your dear ones. But you cannot take your dogs in every holiday destination. Again, your enjoyment in your holidays as well as your pet dog’s security is very vital. There’s no need to worry though. By following the given 3 ways you can keep your dog safely while you are holidaying:

Dog resorts or boarding – a reliable dog boarding is highly beneficial for your pet. Look for a reputed boarding, where your dog’s health, food, well-being will be taken care of perfectly. A veterinarian should be present in a boarding to treat your dog if necessary.
Before keeping your dog in a boarding, you must go there and see whether your dog can stay peacefully or not. Aggressive dogs can be dangerous for your pet. Relatives – you can to take the assistance of your relatives. See how much knowledgeable they are to take care of your dog. Make sure that your loyal and loving creature is able to gel well in the new environment and can stay in your relative’s home for a couple of days. Tell them the type of diet that your dog follows to avoid future confusion. However, if you can search for the best dog boarding in your place, it would be much helpful for you and your dog. Visit http://www.boardmypaws.com.au/dog-boarding/  Friends – Friends are helpful in hard times. However, not every friend will keep your pet dog when you are going for a holiday. Some people are there, who consider themselves as animal lovers, but do not know the correct ways to take care of a pet. If your pet loves to move in your home and likes to play with other animals, whenever you go for a walk in the park, then after your departure for holidaying, your pet may feel lonely. As a pet owner you should take care of the needs of your pet. Sometimes, it is seen that a dog suffers from separation anxiety when they their masters leave them to stay in an unknown place for some days. That’s why you must take your pet to your friend’s home at least five to six times before you leave them. Your neighbors can help you too. The best way however is to find a dog resort; your pet will get company out there and will live happily.
Of all the 3 options, pet boarding or resort is the most favourable one as it offers security, safety and luxury facilities for your dog.